Travel Diaries: Romantic Venice 

img_0321Venice is a manmade island! Hard to believe, isn’t it? And all the more because it is a combination of 170 islands and 400 bridges! It is built on the Adriatic Sea with the help of wooden blocks. Legend has it that it all started in the land of Padova, where “Hund”, the king of Hungary had terrorised the people. As this king was good at horsemanship he used to loot the villagers, but very soon they realised that naval force was his weakness. So in a move to save themselves, the villagers relocated to marshy lands.img_0338

We reached the Port Fucina in time for our ride to the epic St. Mark’s Square. The weather was amazing. It was a bright and sunny morning as we set to cruise to Venice. There are water taxis here, to move from one island to another, called “vaporetto . img_0377The cruise was a windy one, although the sun was out, the winter had set in. It was a sight to remember as we neared the beautiful city, monuments and well painted buildings by the banks on both sides. It was another moment of “Clickathon”! No wonder “Napoleon” said the Mark’s Square to be the drawing room of Europe.

While walking on the streets of Venice, the capital of Veneto region there were jingles running through my head, for everything looked so pretty! The gondola, the river, the bridges, the roads, the perfect blue sky and the white – golden structures against it. The difference between the Basilica and the Cathedral was finally understood. Cathedral is the seat of Bishop and Basilica is the place, saint’s body is buried. Here, we saw the Basilica, it had Bronze horses in its structure. These Poles around symbolizes the victory of battles.

img_0416Also there are two granite columns, one is “Winged Lion” the symbol of Venice and the other has St.Theodor slaying a dragon. Both are significant structures at the square. I loved posing around here and the selfie stick actually turned out to be my bestfriend!

Also Romance was totally in the air, saw so many young couples proposing by the Gondola and the Basilica. It was a sweet sight! And personally I felt this place was indeed very dreamy and totally worth falling in love with.

Travel Diaries: Sojourn en Paris

Paris welcomed me with a very homely feeling! The bustle of a city full of life. My day began with a scrumptious breakfast of Pancakes, croissant, pudding, cakes, coffee and so much more, but all I really wanted was to see the eiffel tower. 

Couldn’t wait anymore, and so we left for the once a wonder of the world. This tower was built as a temporary structure for the world exhibition in the year 1888, and it was only made for 5 months. Later it was decided to be restored and this wasn’t appreciated by the locals initially. They disliked the structure because they viewed it as inappropriate with the old charm of the city. An antenna was installed on it during world war II and till date its height is 130 meters. It is made up of iron and steel. 

After reaching, we got a ticket and got into the que for an elevator which takes you to the different levels. We went upto second floor which gives you a beautiful view of Paris city. All the monuments can be seen in miniatures. It was a moment of “Clickathon”! 

We then went to a café, I saw a beautiful display of Macaroons. I was really tempted to pick up some, but to my shock one macaroon was for 1.90€. I held back myself, because I am not very fond of Macaroons, I have tasted it back home but I will definitely pick up some if I get it at a better price, maybe I just wasn’t tempted enough. 

PARIS city tour awaited us next. It was also time to know all about the Perfumes at the Fragonard perfumery. Here there was the distillery of olden days and bottles of different shapes and sizes. A whole museum was dedicated to perfume making and it smelled like flowerbeds! The variety of perfumes were made out of essential oils and each had its distinct concoctions. We were given a whiff of thier top 6 scents and I honestly got so confused that I ended up picking nothing but it was indeed a learning experience as I learnt about the kind of fragrances I identify myself with.

Our city tour guide joined us in, and we then scanned the streets of Paris. The grand brands at Champs de Elyss, to name a few Loius Vittoun, Channel, Cartier, Bvlgari, it had it all. We then passed under Arc de Triumph, which is at a height of 50 metres. 

The city seemed to be in its all glamorous avatar as the sun set and we got ready for our Cruise on river sienne. 

It was all glittering as we passed by the monuments on both sides of the bank. Eiffel tower is one structure which can be spotted from everywhere in the heart of the city. As the division is according to the river, eiffel is on Left bank. It was illuminated and on our way back we say the champagne lights. It is a treat to see the Eiffel at night because it is so much more in a city that is all about Love! Paris, I promise to the Eiffel that I will visit you again when Love finds me. Till then I will take inspiration from the energy that’s bustling around me, for I love the idea of Love!

The day ended on a high note as I saw the carousal,Rue de Paris that is a ferries wheel and the opera house. 

‘Paint the town Red’

Can you guess what’s special about today? The day that fills hearts of all sizes to your imagination and sells roses at prices sky high,a day every girl secretly wishes to be with her lover in a land of fantasy, a day when chocolate and teddy seems like the staple diet,a day when love just seems so fancy,yes, I’m talking about “Valentines day”!!! But valentines isn’t really about lovers, but falling in love with all those people who make your life worthwhile, fill it with treasured moments and enlighten the soul. So why not begin with “Me”? Lets pledge today to love ourselves.

“Love yourself”, every time I say this it reminds me of Bipasha Basu,whose fitness DVD I had purchased very excitedly in the first week of its release, thats how crazy I am if I am really hooked onto something and I am sure most of you must have also done something alike. There were two levels, starting with beginners.Initially it was me following the entire routine as shown and then I went onto see the segment where Bips spoke about her endeavours, and the only thing she kept focussing on the entire time is”love yourself”.Although today, I don’t follow that routine,nor did I ever graduate to the next level of that workout, but I think she managed to inspire quite a lot of people like me who look upto her as a fitness icon,and the pocket money spent on that DVD seems to have paid off. Yet I wonder that why is it that we are always looking for inspiration outside and constantly comparing ourselves with our role models? Why can’t we connect with ourselves from within? Is it difficult to make up our mind or is it a task to adapt to change for the better? These are exactly the questions I want to ask you. If you can do so much for the people you love in your life, can’t you just be kind enough to yourself too? Can you not dedicate some time to fall in love with yourself too?

I am a fitness freak but I can’t expect the same level of enthusiasm from every individual but all I can say is that its addictive, in a good way, because any form of workout releases Endorphins or the commonly known happy hormones,thus releasing stress and increasing blood circulation. “Yog is the science of linking the individual self with universal self. It tries to expand the narrow, constricted and egoistic personality to the all pervasive, eternal and blissful state of reality”. So if you are somebody who has never exercised or you are somebody who has been gymming all thier life, experience Yog for once. The reason I used the word experience and not try is very deep. You would never know what I am talking about until and unless you experience, because “Yog is an experience”. Adapting a healthy lifestyle and incorporating Yog as a part of it is a gift you can gift yourself this valentines. We can think clearly and concentrate to maximum capacity only if our mind, body and soul are connected deeply.

TIP: Start your day chanting three omkaras, followed by suryanamaskar gradually increasing the time and number,but beginning with 10. To be performed under a yoga trainer.