Life’s more than picture perfect!

IMG-20170328-WA0020I will never forget that day when I was told for the first time that” Hey I follow you, and I love your pictures! “That’s when it finally hit me that, Oh God! All that I have been posting all this while is indeed reaching out to so many more people than I can actually imagine and the craziest fact is that once you post it , its forever there! Sometimes I wouldn’t even know which social media has been picked up by the viewer coz I was using all so many. This all went to a point that my personal life was public and everything that I was doing could probably be a part of discussion. I had no intentions of that kind of publicity, but then why was I doing it? Why was I turning a slave to this whole social media platform! I wasn’t even earning money by my popularity coz I aint no celeb and the ones which I was getting were compliments which felt like taunts that dint seem to come from a very good intent.

Also at this point a dear aunt told me that these days you guys are posting all your pix on Social media but do you realize ki posting all the best ones could attract negativity? She used the word “Najar lag ti hai beta”, and let me tell you I’m very much educated and not superstitious but that day I really took her suggestion into consideration and thought over and over again. Yes, it was making sense to me in a prospective that I was indeed attracting unwanted attention more than appreciation and that was something that had begun bothering me. People remember visuals these days more than “kaha suni kahanni” and then gossip. Yes we are always interested in others lives more than ours, wonder why? And then when I took a break to an undisclosed location altogether where I was forcibly cut off from the Net that’s when things became a bit too tough for maybe my so called followers but effortless for me in reality!

I guess our self-worth these days is directly proportional to our likes, follows and no. of friends and without this all we seem to be a failure in our own eyes. I don’t know who is responsible for this but slowly and gradually we have forgotten who we are coz we are constantly busy trying to put up a certain image and making things seem perfect even though they aren’t. We have lost our innocence and every single moment that we should be catching glimpses of each other’s real expressions and guessing what runs on their mind ,instead we are more amazed by  the reaction implicated by random emojis!

I think the “stay connected” attitude has given people the door to open a conversation at any time and any hour without thinking twice whether it’s appropriate or not. Everybody is using the messaging app that used to be earlier only for social purpose has become a networking tool and also a supreme stalking source. Let’s give this a thought and become not superstitious but atleast sensitive and a little empathy would definitely be appreciated!

Seeking “Lord Dhanvantari”

National Ayurveda Day! What a splendid occasion, especially for me who is a fresher Graduate of Ayurvedic Medicine, it gives me immense pride to be a part of this announcement. A moment which celebrates Ayurveda is an achievement not in terms of Creditability but Recognition and a tool to spread Awareness.

I am super excited to do my first Dhanvantari Pujan! It’s a memorabilia from Kerala, the framed picture of Lord Dhanvantari, purchased at the exhibition of International Ayurveda Conference that I attended earlier this year. Dhanteras from this year on wouldnt only mean Diwali but so much more.


#TREK#KALSUBAI the tale with a twist!


The trek was a bit steep and quite slippery at times but the real adrenaline rush was getting a grip through it all. It was a long one but that feeling when we finally made it to the top after crossing over scary ladders and streams was mind blowing, to the extent that the winds were blowing so fast that we thought we could fly! I felt so full of life at that moment, it was as if I was stepping in heaven and was floating on the clouds,Yes! It was so insane! It was peaceful and just so beautiful that I’m falling short of words. We were literally on top of the mountain if not the world, at 5400 Ft above sea level!


As we began to head down, we saw a stall selling hot bhajjiyas and chai. We celebrated our victory over the most amazing plate of bhajjiyas which we polished off in minutes. I could have eaten some more but the way down was a challenging one, so I resisted the craving and we continued down. As I was marking my way down and putting each foot in a planned manner so as to not slip, there were many instances when I thought would stumble maybe but I kept going. I think this holds true even in life, we can take precautions, plan and then act but sometimes the fall is the place where the rise begins.


After hours of the steep way down, as we reached base site I was at my hungriest best! I have never had such a huge appetite, maybe it was the simplicity and freshness of the hot food served or the hard work that we put in, but I haven’t eaten so much even at the grandest of buffets! The typical Maharashtrian fare with Matki ussal, a subji, hot chapatti, varan bhaat the comfort food of all maharashtrains and the yummy Shrikhand, which took away all my fatigue. I was at my messiest best self, in my most rugged avatar and now it was time to get ready for heading back home! With zero network, and nil social media, it was a delight to see people interact face to face. I made some new friends and the journey was one to remember!

No that isn’t the end of it all! There is more awaiting you as we head back. Had we gone home comfortably by the private bus, we wouldn’t have remembered this day much. It was a rainy day and the bus got stuck in the mud. All tactics like raising the engine, giving it a push and also getting a tractor to pull out the bus was employed but to no avail. It was getting chilly as the sun dropped down. I was getting worried for I had to head to work the next morning. But there was clearly no sign of a way home. Fortunately my friend’s service provider came to our aid, for she found coverage to make a round of calls home. Everyone was anxious, worried and upset about the mishap. To top it all it was raining heavily and continuously back home. At one point I really thought we would have to stay back in the village. And then a ray of hope shone! A taxi was arranged to head to Kasara station from where we were to catch the local train. Now we had a challenge ahead of us, for we had to get into the last local to Kasara or we would be stuck up and it was already late evening. My friend who had got injured was given priority and we quickly got into the packed vehicle for station. I really don’t know how we reached there, because the roads were very scary, it was dark, raining and all foggy. There was literally zero visibility to my vision. I was petrified but I had to show a strong front to my friend who was already in pain as she had an injury. I’m sure our driver had some super powers that he took us safely. We thanked our stars for we reached in time for the train. Although we had never travelled on that route all we knew that we had to head back home anyhow. This was the time when I befriended the crushes friend. Soon we realized that we were heading home to the same suburb! There was major bonding that helped to ease the nerves. Now for a matter of fact we knew we were safe and then we finally managed to reach home!


Yes, I went straight to work the next day! I do take my job very seriously but breaks like this fuel the person I am! Cant wait for another shot of madness!

P.s. Thank You AJ for making this happen! This couldnt have been a better break and especially to embark our Friendship of 13 years,& still counting…

‘Breathe -n- keep peace ‘

There are days when you feel so stuck up that all you need is a moment of liberation! Yah, I am talking of those days which seem unending, and you literally drag yourself through them. We all go through these tough times but what really keeps us going is the piece of cake on the other side of the bridge. Yes I am looking forward to this and that! Have you ever noticed how fast time goes when you actually have something going on at the back of your head and you literally can’t wait until you get there. That could mean just about anything from meeting an old friend to attending that concert you always dreamed of, no matter how the meeting with that friend goes or how fabulous or not the concert was, the feeling of fulfilment is far big and starts to fill up on all the empty spaces of waiting for that moment.

Happiness is a very subjective word and varies from an individual to another. The day you begin to embrace it in the smallest of things, it lifts you and keeps you floating. The dreamy state remains for as long as you want, and it is knocked out very often by the daily grind but don’t you think it did be really wonderful if we could get in touch with ourselves at the end of each day. Our much needed “peace of mind” is the best remedy to all our problems. If we are at peace with ourselves we are better guarded to deal with the world.

Chanting is a practise that I have taken up after much research and discussion. I believe that every new practice that you start has a timing and a reason to take up, when you find yours you will voluntarily start. No amount of hammering really works, “inspiration and faith” are the biggest rolemodels in shaping our life. “Wisdom cannot be taught, it is ensued”.

TIP: Pick up those beads and make the most of them today. Chanting is not religious, it is a means of liberation.


‘Mommy n me day’

Had a supertime today! It is mother’s day & I was bound to make it special, so would you have, I m sure. We all want to make that day memorable, in a small way or big doesn’t matter,after all its the thought that counts. Our mothers take care of all our needs,they pamper us, spoil us yet manage to instill trust and the right amount of discipline.
Tea is a ritual in Indian households because its the start of a new day and with the family together its more of a bonding session, no matter how much it is incorrect to drink tea first thing in the morning, but more about that may be when the health freak awakens! So just making that cup of tea for her, or helping her with chores or making a meal will surprise her and give her the greatest joy.
In my case I had booked her to myself on this day in advance. I know sounds crazy but that’s my way of just being possessive about my time with my people. I am glad I have realised that no amount of gifts can make up for the precious moments in life and although little gifts add up, its those memories that stay with you forever. The best part is that nobody can take them away.

I spent my day with my family with those beings that love you unconditionally. Yes, I m talking about the Dog festival, “Keep that tail wagging”. Was delighted to see dogs participate in big numbers. Especially when they walked the ramp towards the end of the event, it was heart warming to see the bond between the family & pets. Adoptions were going on in full swing, there were grooming booths, play area and snacks for dogs. My dreams of adopting a dog have become more strong and I just can’t make up my mind on which one, but until then I m going to attend more of these events and play with all those pets my eye catches.
TIP: Adopt a pet if you can or experience the joy a pet gives you, if you haven’t yet, you don’t know what you are missing.


‘Camp -a- break! ‘

I am still so fresh with the camp in my head that this time last week I didn’t know what I was about to feel. All I really knew was that this was it, the ultimate break I was looking forward to! The tents were even better than I had imagined with sleeping bags laid inside, with room for all my stuff just right. It was indeed a pleasant surprise but I am consoling myself that camping won’t always be this organised or my expectations would rise!



We were just in time for the sunset, and a stroll around the campsite with a cup of tea was what golden moments are made up of. The first round of selfies with Tikona fort in the backdrop and the setting sun made for a wondersight. As we retuned to our campsite, the barbecue was awaiting us and all the more the marinated meat just right. It was a hands on barbeque night, with music adding to the already high spirits and chilled ginger ale to soothe the dry throat. The food got better with every skewer as experience came in and technique got better. Laughter, music and merry along with the occasional barks of our two pet dogs.


After a heavy dinner and a drop in temperature, a Bonfire was lined up. It was the time when I was filling up on all the beautiful vibrations around me. As we retired for the day and entered our tents, initially it was hard to sleep on ground but the rush of adventure made it worthy. As I woke up to a cold beautiful morning, I grabbed on to my phone and a cup of hot tea to all the possible frames to fit in the valley and the sunrise.



As I packed my bag and was about to leave I knew I was carrying back much more than I came in with and I am mighty excited about the next one!


‘All in the same game’

Energised and charged with volts of positivity! Its indeed the best kick start Sunday! I am sure, I have lead you all to believe if I am high or in hangover, for it was Saturday night yesterday, but No, I wasn’t partying. Now you must be guessing, what was I upto? Well I attended a Speaker session last evening. Now you must be thinking, oh! how boring,who on earth wants to listen to others when we already are equipped with so much in life, why do I listen to people’s stories. Honestly, I had no idea as to who exactly these people are, but the outline of the programme interested me.

The session was about “Entrepreneurship” and had three speakers from varied sides of it. It began on a very technical note with Mr. Pillai, founder of an advertising firm. He spoke so much about the different aspects of investment and the start ups, discussed case studies of different companies, that for a minute I actually thought I am studying business management! I guess the minute the word “entrepreneur” comes in I become ecstatic.
The next talk was by Shipra Khanna, winner of master chef India. She spoke about the hardships of being a woman chef and the highs she experienced after winning masterchef. I couldn’t contain myself in the Q & A round, and asked her if she enjoyed cooking at home too, after cooking all that fancy food, so she said that she can’t remember when she isn’t cooking, she’s constantly doing one thing or the other,thats how passionate she is about her job.
The last and my favourite speaker of the evening Mr Ketan Bhagat, was outstanding. Yes, you read it write “Ketan” and not “Chetan”, he is the brother of the very famous IITian turned writer and is set to carve a niche in the most unusual way. He spoke about a subject very close to my heart and that perhaps won me over. “Life” is one big word although the spelling is short and to listen about its tales through the eyes of Geeta was wonderful. I am not being religious or advocating Hinduism but I am sure all our scriptures hold the same message but only if we unravel them. Somewhere in the grind of life we forget to stay in touch with ourselves and that’s where sessions like these are an important reminder. And then how can “Ayurveda” stray far in this discussion. Although the speaker didn’t realise as he spoke about” Tamas, Rajas and Sattvik ” Manas, me here in the audience could relate incredibly. In his version, he spoke of Tamas as the phase of ignorance, where one doesn’t understand what is right and  wrong, Rajas as Passion and Sattvik where you reach a balance and become selfless, going on to the path of Moksha or liberation. I am indeed feeling much blessed and grateful.
TIP: Witness a session where you can encompass the enwegy of true people and get inspired. Reap the fruits of our holy scriptures and try to understand the meaning, implementation will be by default.