Makar Sankranti 

Today is the Festival which brings people together to celebrate the beginning of Uttarayan. The Shishir rutu with it’s winter chills is part of The “Aadaan Kaal”. This is the time of the year when the body’s strength or “Bal”, capacity for digestion is at it’s peak. Hence, the “Agni” or digestion capacity is at its best and especially with the drop of temperatures the body strives for heat, that is food converted into energy. 

Sesame seeds and Jaggery is used to make Laddus, chikki and A special stuffed roti. There is a special custom of wishing everyone with a “tilgul”, to forego all bitterness and welcome the sweetness of festivities into our hearts. “Sesamum Indicum” is heaty in nature and is hence apt to overcome the seasonal changes. The oil from these seeds is used for consumption in cooking , as well as an excellent lubricating agent for the body. Hence Oil massages are recommended with this oil.

Makar Sankranti is also the festival of kites, where people of all age groups gather for Kite flying. It is a funfilled activity which goes on for as long as the sunshines. It’s great fun to see so many colourful kites flying high in the sky.

At Home it is a feast of sorts, as we eat the delicious “gul poli”, roti stuffed with jaggery sesame seeds mixture and also a special subji made of the fresh seasonal vegetables called the “Bhogichi bhaaji”. Being a true Foodie, it is the amazing food that keeps me waiting for this festival. 

Wishing you all a very happy Makarsankranti! 😄 

Seeking “Lord Dhanvantari”

National Ayurveda Day! What a splendid occasion, especially for me who is a fresher Graduate of Ayurvedic Medicine, it gives me immense pride to be a part of this announcement. A moment which celebrates Ayurveda is an achievement not in terms of Creditability but Recognition and a tool to spread Awareness.

I am super excited to do my first Dhanvantari Pujan! It’s a memorabilia from Kerala, the framed picture of Lord Dhanvantari, purchased at the exhibition of International Ayurveda Conference that I attended earlier this year. Dhanteras from this year on wouldnt only mean Diwali but so much more.


‘Splash or Trash’

Wishing all a very happy holi! The festival of colours is that day that fills our appetite with the best of sweets and faces with the scariest of avatars! Yes, indeed we Indians don’t forget to celebrate this although far away from our motherland and that is why it is catching up with others too. Is it the craze for the vibrant splash or the importance of the festivities, you definitely can’t get away from it.

I have the fondest memories of this celebration as a kid, where holi was a war among the neighbouring buildings, as to who could shoot for the ultimate aim,so as to paint the building anew and terraces were warzones. Armed with waterfilled ballons, we aimed relentlessly at each other. It makes me nostalgic as to how much I have grown up now and wisdom has shone. But I wish somethings never changed and the transition from childishness to a mature individual hasn’t been a cakewalk. It is always a plus but never feels like it when you get so engaged in living to score that it hurts to be focused. Maybe we should always keep the child alive, so that a crazy decision doesn’t seem insane. 

I am going to hold on tight to all my loved people and fill thier tummy with a sugar overload, let me know what you are planning to do??????
Leave your Comments below and also post pictures !!! Sending out lots of love n wishes! HAPPY HOLI !!! 
TIP: A humble request, Please don’t use too much water and harmful chemical laid colours. Let’s pledge to do our bit to save water and environment. I am going to celebrate with colour only in my food and clothes😉.