REVIEW : Dessert Garden! 

If you want to visit a place that gives u a slice of all the FB feeds on real goodfood, then there’s a chance you have got! Visit the Dessert garden at High Street Phoenix…

It is a golden opportunity to eat every type of dessert. After reaching there I m sure you will be baffled as to where do I begin, but as you start discovering the stalls you will realise what you really want to try. 

Take your time and stroll around the whole place I know the stalls are really tempting and it is highly impossible to cover each and every stall but if you don’t do that you will end up regretting later! So have a look at the stalls and what they have to cater, begin with something that is totally new to you, experiment at the beginning, because when you just enter you come with an open mind, later on as you keep passing across stalls its highly confusing as to what you want to order.

All the stalls have desserts and savoury anywhere from Rs 100 to 350. So on an average you spend around Rs 200 on every stall. Ideally if you go in a group of friends you can try more things and get a bite of everything, but if that’s not your idea then you can stick to 1 friend and together you could decide for each other.

The Desserts are lined up on the front rows in the beginning and as you proceed inside, the savoury stalls are on one side on the right. There is a huge variety in Ice creams, from sundae stalls to roll ice cream to the delicious candies,my personal favourite. The Desserts have a wide variety, cupcakes,cookies, cake in jar, waffles on stick,i think i saw crepes too, pastries, mousse,and pavlova was the first thing I tried, hadn’t ever heard about it but just because it’s a masterchef recipe I had to sample it. It was fantastic, I had the lemon curd flavour. 

All those sweets will keep you craving for something salty, head to Chips on stick, its got amazing fingerlicking good stuff, i tried zucchini with mexican sprinkle. The pizza in cone was so much fun to watch it get baked and then there are different veg and nonveg fillings, we tried the original, Italiano. If you go to the Ice cream Candy stall you can’t miss thier very own fruit one, it tastes amazing as you eat and lick through tropical fruits. Also if you are too hungry like I was, hit the Hot dog stall, its really filling and tasty. I had the chicken dog. We also tried the banofie cake in jar and it is really delicious. 

After hogging on all this cheat food, I also picked up some healthy snacks to take home. There is one stall selling amazing baked snacks. I picked up herb and cheese makhana & baked pizza sticks. Taste before you buy, there’s ample variety. 

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Get there soon before it gets over, today is the last day!

‘Wisen up your mouth’

What is Food? We eat everyday, but do we spare a minute to think what exactly are we consuming, do we bother to know the after effects, whether it is causing health or simply harm!
I want to put light on a very serious issue that i learnt about in my recent encounter with Dr Vandana Shiva, an environmentalist. She spoke about the dangers of farming practices in our country which are going to not only cost us dearly but also cause a problem to our immune system. Thus, the use of poisonous pesticides means “planets health degenerated,our health degenerated”.

It is really alarming to know that industrial farming is adding to global warming, at the same time ecological farming can bring back the health,so we still have hope and If we take a step in that direction, then green house gases can be pulled out in ten years. Now that seems like an easy task,doesn’t it? But I only wish if it was so,because honestly, we are doing nothing to end our woes. We cannot even afford the organic food sold in our country because of the steep prices. So what do we do is the million dollar question. The least we can do is to pledge for organic farming in our country and create an awareness among all. Dr Shiva very rightly ended that “India can be strong if the last child is strong” and this statement holds a lot of meaning if you think back.

Naturopathy says that Food is your medicine, hence consuming food in accordance with nature as well as eating food in its natural form is the thumb rule.
In Ayurveda the food or Aahar is consumed according to Rutu, that is seasons as well as pathya, apathya is mentioned,that is food consumed according to illness. Also the combination and time of consuming food plays an important role in its assimilation, hence Aahar vidhi visheshayatan has been described very rightfully as a set of rules to be followed for meals. The root cause of many diseases lie in the mere inability to be able to abide by these. It may not be possible to change one’s lifestyle in a day but taking a step in that direction each day can definitely be our resolution. So lets begin with today.

TIP: Drink water only and when you are thristy,but also do not suppress your urges or ignore them. Pay attention to the needs of your body and listen to what it says,it can never misguide, but mind you,only if you learn the art of being a good listener.