‘Dig deep’

What is it that we miss the most today? “Connect” In the world of technology and the fast paced life we have probably forgotten how to unwind.

Just so that I get a closer feel of this,I came up with a challenge onto myself to not use the Internet for 24hrs and experience life from a netfree prospective. The Guinea pig me, went strong for 18hrs but finally gave up. If living off the net was such a task, let alone technology. Yeah, thats how insanely dependant most of us are. The day begins and ends only after an eyeful of the cellphone, but its hard to not mention the feeling of being not answerable and off all social media where I am usually logged in giving updates of my every activity, I found the time to finally bond with myself and also observe my surroundings. It was my day out, at the farmers market, and as I went from one stall to another I ended up making a colourful conversation with these vibrant people who just filled me with a zest to do your own thing just like these individuals.

I have been pondering upon this for quite sometime, and soon it shall transform onto reality when there will be a certain amount of refrain from using the Internet, which would be called “Netox”. Time will tell if you need detox more or netox, but currently I see the fad for the former and that day isn’t far when the later will take up by the storm.

‘Dependance ‘ is a negative word generally, because it is usually associated with drugs,alcohol etc, even people depend upon each other and if the equilibrium is shaky, one might get hit by the shackles of expectations, yet it doesn’t stop us, because,” we see what we want to see,we demand what we expect “. Ever thought at looking at things from a view other than your very own? Lets give it a try!

There is always such a feeling of accomplishment and pride when you complete a certain task independently but ever tried sharing the same joy in a team? The latter will remain more remarkable, ‘now how is that possible,  It was an act of dependance, why did it give me so much pleasure?’that is because you were forced to “connect” not just with yourself but your colleagues to a level where you bought the best out of each other. If that connect could do such wonders for the team, can you imagine how much you could soar?

TIP: Take out time to unwind each day and make a diary or a mental note of the lesson learnt and the joyous moment of the day.


‘Paint the town Red’

Can you guess what’s special about today? The day that fills hearts of all sizes to your imagination and sells roses at prices sky high,a day every girl secretly wishes to be with her lover in a land of fantasy, a day when chocolate and teddy seems like the staple diet,a day when love just seems so fancy,yes, I’m talking about “Valentines day”!!! But valentines isn’t really about lovers, but falling in love with all those people who make your life worthwhile, fill it with treasured moments and enlighten the soul. So why not begin with “Me”? Lets pledge today to love ourselves.

“Love yourself”, every time I say this it reminds me of Bipasha Basu,whose fitness DVD I had purchased very excitedly in the first week of its release, thats how crazy I am if I am really hooked onto something and I am sure most of you must have also done something alike. There were two levels, starting with beginners.Initially it was me following the entire routine as shown and then I went onto see the segment where Bips spoke about her endeavours, and the only thing she kept focussing on the entire time is”love yourself”.Although today, I don’t follow that routine,nor did I ever graduate to the next level of that workout, but I think she managed to inspire quite a lot of people like me who look upto her as a fitness icon,and the pocket money spent on that DVD seems to have paid off. Yet I wonder that why is it that we are always looking for inspiration outside and constantly comparing ourselves with our role models? Why can’t we connect with ourselves from within? Is it difficult to make up our mind or is it a task to adapt to change for the better? These are exactly the questions I want to ask you. If you can do so much for the people you love in your life, can’t you just be kind enough to yourself too? Can you not dedicate some time to fall in love with yourself too?

I am a fitness freak but I can’t expect the same level of enthusiasm from every individual but all I can say is that its addictive, in a good way, because any form of workout releases Endorphins or the commonly known happy hormones,thus releasing stress and increasing blood circulation. “Yog is the science of linking the individual self with universal self. It tries to expand the narrow, constricted and egoistic personality to the all pervasive, eternal and blissful state of reality”. So if you are somebody who has never exercised or you are somebody who has been gymming all thier life, experience Yog for once. The reason I used the word experience and not try is very deep. You would never know what I am talking about until and unless you experience, because “Yog is an experience”. Adapting a healthy lifestyle and incorporating Yog as a part of it is a gift you can gift yourself this valentines. We can think clearly and concentrate to maximum capacity only if our mind, body and soul are connected deeply.

TIP: Start your day chanting three omkaras, followed by suryanamaskar gradually increasing the time and number,but beginning with 10. To be performed under a yoga trainer.


‘Wisen up your mouth’

What is Food? We eat everyday, but do we spare a minute to think what exactly are we consuming, do we bother to know the after effects, whether it is causing health or simply harm!
I want to put light on a very serious issue that i learnt about in my recent encounter with Dr Vandana Shiva, an environmentalist. She spoke about the dangers of farming practices in our country which are going to not only cost us dearly but also cause a problem to our immune system. Thus, the use of poisonous pesticides means “planets health degenerated,our health degenerated”.

It is really alarming to know that industrial farming is adding to global warming, at the same time ecological farming can bring back the health,so we still have hope and If we take a step in that direction, then green house gases can be pulled out in ten years. Now that seems like an easy task,doesn’t it? But I only wish if it was so,because honestly, we are doing nothing to end our woes. We cannot even afford the organic food sold in our country because of the steep prices. So what do we do is the million dollar question. The least we can do is to pledge for organic farming in our country and create an awareness among all. Dr Shiva very rightly ended that “India can be strong if the last child is strong” and this statement holds a lot of meaning if you think back.

Naturopathy says that Food is your medicine, hence consuming food in accordance with nature as well as eating food in its natural form is the thumb rule.
In Ayurveda the food or Aahar is consumed according to Rutu, that is seasons as well as pathya, apathya is mentioned,that is food consumed according to illness. Also the combination and time of consuming food plays an important role in its assimilation, hence Aahar vidhi visheshayatan has been described very rightfully as a set of rules to be followed for meals. The root cause of many diseases lie in the mere inability to be able to abide by these. It may not be possible to change one’s lifestyle in a day but taking a step in that direction each day can definitely be our resolution. So lets begin with today.

TIP: Drink water only and when you are thristy,but also do not suppress your urges or ignore them. Pay attention to the needs of your body and listen to what it says,it can never misguide, but mind you,only if you learn the art of being a good listener.

Une présentation(introduction)

Why Âme soeur? French is the only foreign language I learnt in school and the only reason I took it up was because my favourite teacher taught it! Its really funny but what more can you expect from a fifth grader and the next dream being visiting France,which I still haven’t but I m sure very soon I will. By the way âme soeur means Soul sister.

I truly believe that life is a journey and everyday teaches you something new. These lessons are priceless and the more you share the more you grow. I am very passionate about fitness and healthy living. At the same time I am an impulsive personality who strives to maintain equilibrium.

So here I step onto another new beginning which will be an extension of my personality.

After dark

Scared as hell
Was I in a shell
How can men be so evil
That when they see us it awakens the devil

I froze
As they rose
To follow us until we left the shore
Far away until out of sight

They kept following from a place to another
Stronger grew our bond altogether
As we decided there is no looking back
And we fought
No matter we had weapons in draught

As every step we took afar
We thought of defence and gorilla warfare that history taught
But As it got darker every passing moment turned us pale
Like we commited an act of horrendous crime

Through that vicious tornado
We came up with a plan
Key of which was to be as brave as u can
And not succumb no matter how much ur made to crack

Heaving and sighing
As we waited
Our prayers were answered
As we sailed through that situation
As though an angel was sent by you
There were no words to describe that moment few

Now we reached
All safe
Yet hard was it to believe that the storm was over
For our hearts were thumping louder
And breathless was every inhalation

In days like these i realise how they view
No I m not an object of fantasy
But just like a daisy or dew
Who won’t fear no matter how much you try to make us feel it near

We are Our fathers pride
And i feel sad for you
For you have lost out on a chance to make me believe
Re ensure your manlihood
For you will never be the father I have
Or bear the daughter I am