‘As I dwell in my shell ‘

I am extremely sorry for not being as regular! I guess I had my own short comings and I m sure you will be willing to forgive me for the same! I am just as caught up as everyone is, but now I have made a promise to myself to make it a point to blog once a month and catch up as often as possible.

Last month was all about “the Yoga International day” and so much about it that I am sure you all must be still hungover! But you know what, the real essence of Yog lies in the people who hardly need an introduction because its engraved so deep within that one look at them and you can’t help but get inspired.

In a world where we are suffering because of our wrong lifestyle choices, ailments are a definite outcome but “Yoga has the answers for its prevention and cure”. So when I got an opportunity to attend a seminar where Doctors and Yoga experts from around the country had gathered to put forward thier line of yogic treatment I just couldn’t miss it. These are the people who practice yog to cure ailments, the amount of research and experience they have is only believable after you encounter them. 

As these experts spoke for themselves and thier school of thoughts, they also supported one anothers views for there was one thread that connected them all, and that was “Yog”. It helped in looking at yoga from not only a perspective of health and fitness but “a shift in the way of living”. Its not just the body but a practise of “Complete awareness” of the mind and soul as I put it in their own words. 

The location of the venue was so serene that a field of positivity was around. The food that was given was also “sattvik” and therefore a feeling of calm had set in. 

As we came towards the end of the event, we knew we were going to return with a happy but a heavy heart as the place was soo inviting. It’s hard to not fall an impact after meeting so many yogis in person and to sum it all up they all said “Make Yoga a way of Life!”.

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‘Keep Calm -n- Chill on ‘

Is it just me or the heat is for real?! The killing summer is all here and as we step into May, surrounded by mangoes and hacks to cool it off, it feels no less than a crisis. Stepping out of the house is alarming and before you know it, your energy is already zapped. The saddest part is that there’s no running away, so no matter how much of a task it seems yet it can’t come in the way of living it up.

In the meanwhile you might also notice a decline in the appetite and a rise in consumption of liquids. This is a normal phenomena and is in itself a defence mechanism to curb the loss of fluids. Ayurveda has described the regime to be followed in each season under Rutucharya and summer is called “Greeshma Rutu”.

In this season the consumption of various types of concoction, or summer drinks as we know it are mentioned. Homemade Aam panha, limbu paani, kokam sarbat, khus sarbat and coconut water are just to mention a few. Also drinking butter milk is a good option over yogurts as these are heaty in nature as mentioned in the texts. Preparations like “Morabba”, “Shrikhand” and “Raayta” shall be made a part of the meal.

Drinking sufficient water is important to remain hydrated but not out of the fridge because the body temperature rises on doing so, as the gut normalises its temperature. Instead water kept in earthen pots and dry khus added, are perfect for quenching the thirst.

Bathing with cold water and application of chandan is useful. Since the body gets more worked up during this season, hence taking a nap in the afternoon is mentioned only during this time of the year. So remain Cool and Calm, beat the heat the ayurvedic way.
TIP: Wear natural fabrics and instead of heavy workouts indulge in relaxing the body. Make the most by practising pranayam,especially “Sheetali” and “Shiitakari”. Activate chandra nadi that is the left nasal pathway and experience “internal AC”.


YOG SERIES – “Virbhadrasana”

Women in today’s world are multitasking and reaching great Heights. Yog is the medium to achieve good health. It’s very important to maintain good physical health as well as good mental health, but h ow can this balance be maintained? How can we achieve all those small n big things in life? The answer is very simple,Healthy food, positive outlook, Attitude is Gratitude and YOG. After all,
Y. You are great.
O Organise your life yourself.
G Great going.

“Virbhadrasana” or warrior’s pose is the right n most appropriate asana to start your Yog regime on Woman’s Day. It’s one of the easiest asana n can be done by all. It helps to strengthen the leg, thigh, abdominal and neck muscles. It removes stiffness from all joints n helps to reduce fat around arms n thighs.  Most importantly it improves your stamina. Experience this asan today and let me know!
Cheers to womanhood!!!
By Namrata Shere
Yog Trainer