Travel Diaries : Udvada, Gujarat

A sucker for Old school Romance, the charm of this old little town fascinated me! Just like my own blog now, where I’m going to share all the nuances of this place, I stumbled upon a blog that had a beautiful description of this place. So when we planned a trip to Daman, that is a union territory, Famously called “Daman and Diu”, located just next to Gujarat border I already had this place on my research radar.


A whole day was allotted for a day trip to “Udvada”, that is across the border, in Gujarat. The distance is approximately 15 kms only. We chose to drive it down, as we were on a road trip. It’s an hour’s drive approximately, and the road is laden with Mango trees on both sides. We stopped over and clicked pictures with the season’s King Fruit, as we visited this place in May, aka “Mango Season”.


We reached around 11, and upon arrival parked in a quiet by lane near the Fire Temple. Let me tell you the best part of this place, untouched old Parsi houses, with traditional practices.


Although, as a non Parsi, we weren’t allowed inside the temple, we did see the beautiful structure from a stand point. The road is filled with Hawkers selling Handmade Papads, to Bakery items like Nankhatai and other local biscuits.


They also had dried herbs and spices , that are predominantly used in the food prepared there. We picked up some dried peppermint, which is used in making the famous “Irani Tea”.IMG_4025.JPG

There was a very peculiar way of selling Hand Churned ice cream that was inside the rickshaws. We had the season’s Mango ice cream, and trust me it’s been the most memorable ice cream experience! Creamy with chunks of ice cream, we relished it to our heart’s content.


We next visited the Museum, that’s located a little away from the temple. It’s got all the information on Parsi Culture and its advent in India. It also has a display of the temple made, and the costumes that Parsis wear traditionally. Surrounded by a well, the museum is the place to visit if you are in Udvada.


On our way for Lunch, we stopped over at an Irani Bakery. We picked up the must take aways, the “Mawa Cake”, and OMG, I still have water in my mouth as I write this. Also picked up sweet Buns that are a personal favorite, in case you have forgotten “ Maska Bun” anyone?IMG_0349

After a major research “Ashishvangh” was chosen for our Lunch. It wasn’t as exciting, because it had a fixed menu. A local fried fish, Dhansak and Rice made our meal, but the vibe of the town had already made my day!!! We went back with a Bag full of Goodies and memories of a day well spent.


So I hope you find this useful and do visit this place, let me know if you like something differently!


Author: ame7soeur

Someone who believes in living life with a heartful of positivity and a tummy full of sweets! Everything around me inspires me and I believe each day is a learning experience.

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