‘Mommy n me day’

Had a supertime today! It is mother’s day & I was bound to make it special, so would you have, I m sure. We all want to make that day memorable, in a small way or big doesn’t matter,after all its the thought that counts. Our mothers take care of all our needs,they pamper us, spoil us yet manage to instill trust and the right amount of discipline.
Tea is a ritual in Indian households because its the start of a new day and with the family together its more of a bonding session, no matter how much it is incorrect to drink tea first thing in the morning, but more about that may be when the health freak awakens! So just making that cup of tea for her, or helping her with chores or making a meal will surprise her and give her the greatest joy.
In my case I had booked her to myself on this day in advance. I know sounds crazy but that’s my way of just being possessive about my time with my people. I am glad I have realised that no amount of gifts can make up for the precious moments in life and although little gifts add up, its those memories that stay with you forever. The best part is that nobody can take them away.

I spent my day with my family with those beings that love you unconditionally. Yes, I m talking about the Dog festival, “Keep that tail wagging”. Was delighted to see dogs participate in big numbers. Especially when they walked the ramp towards the end of the event, it was heart warming to see the bond between the family & pets. Adoptions were going on in full swing, there were grooming booths, play area and snacks for dogs. My dreams of adopting a dog have become more strong and I just can’t make up my mind on which one, but until then I m going to attend more of these events and play with all those pets my eye catches.
TIP: Adopt a pet if you can or experience the joy a pet gives you, if you haven’t yet, you don’t know what you are missing.



Author: ame7soeur

Someone who believes in living life with a heartful of positivity and a tummy full of sweets! Everything around me inspires me and I believe each day is a learning experience.

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