‘Breathe -n- keep peace ‘

There are days when you feel so stuck up that all you need is a moment of liberation! Yah, I am talking of those days which seem unending, and you literally drag yourself through them. We all go through these tough times but what really keeps us going is the piece of cake on the other side of the bridge. Yes I am looking forward to this and that! Have you ever noticed how fast time goes when you actually have something going on at the back of your head and you literally can’t wait until you get there. That could mean just about anything from meeting an old friend to attending that concert you always dreamed of, no matter how the meeting with that friend goes or how fabulous or not the concert was, the feeling of fulfilment is far big and starts to fill up on all the empty spaces of waiting for that moment.

Happiness is a very subjective word and varies from an individual to another. The day you begin to embrace it in the smallest of things, it lifts you and keeps you floating. The dreamy state remains for as long as you want, and it is knocked out very often by the daily grind but don’t you think it did be really wonderful if we could get in touch with ourselves at the end of each day. Our much needed “peace of mind” is the best remedy to all our problems. If we are at peace with ourselves we are better guarded to deal with the world.

Chanting is a practise that I have taken up after much research and discussion. I believe that every new practice that you start has a timing and a reason to take up, when you find yours you will voluntarily start. No amount of hammering really works, “inspiration and faith” are the biggest rolemodels in shaping our life. “Wisdom cannot be taught, it is ensued”.

TIP: Pick up those beads and make the most of them today. Chanting is not religious, it is a means of liberation.


‘Sleeping beauty, where’s you?’

“I am a night person! “ I’m sure there’s a whole group of people nodding in agreement.  Now isn’t this like just the perfect tagline to escape from the fact that we don’t find enough time or energy during the day and turns out the night with its sense of tranquil inspires us in different ways, but have you really thought what kind of havoc is that causing to your body? We love ourselves, don’t we?  We live life on our terms but, hey! do you really think those terms are going to be your loyalist when it comes to your health and wellbeing. I’m sorry to tell but you are causing self harm! You probably don’t drink, you probably don’t smoke, you probably don’t pile up on junk and you probably are trying to do all things right in your own little ways but are still wondering what is it that’s going so wrong? Why am I not reaping good health? Ever thought if your lifestyle is right?

A Lifestyle isn’t really about all the things fancy but a life which suits you just right. Ayurveda is the science of Life and you would be amused to know that although its an ancient science its laws still hold true. In the fast life we have somewhere forgotten our basic needs, in which “Nidra” or Sleep holds a lot of importance. It’s the least spoken aspect in our regime but in the Ayurvedic  refrences it has been mentioned that its lack can cause great peril. If you think that you catch sleep over the weekends, then that extra sleep holds no value because it isn’t going to fill up for all those days of the week when the harm is already done. It ain’t  just the number of hours that you sleep but also the time and place that makes a whole lot of difference.

Ideally the sleep should be completed during the night, so as to wake up early before the sunrise and answer nature’s call. This practice in itself cures and prevents a lot of diseases. Sleeping during the day should be avoided and if need arises then the individual must sleep before lunchtime for a period exactly half of which he missed previous night. Sleeping during the day is discouraged in all seasons except for “Grishma” or summer and in those individuals who do strenuous physical work are an exception. Also it is very normal to feel sleepy after  consuming food, but try catching sleep while in sitting position, maybe on a rocking chair or head on desk .This way you get the benefits of sleep without causing a disturbance in the tridoshas which could be compared as the cause for obesity and also disturbance in the levels of hormones due to erratic sleep hours. So instead of making excuses, sleep on time and sufficiently to experience a healthy you!

TIP: Make the most of your lunch hour and take that short power nap on your desk. It will definitely recharge you on a hectic day.


My grandmother always ran behind me for oiling my hair and as a kid I always wondered why was it so important. At school where oil in hair was compulsory, was such a curse that I am sure all of us looked forward to getting rid of rules. Once in college the oiling became a rare sight, for fashion and looking good took centre stage. Such is the situation with most of us, until some survey or a person of great expertise enlightens us with the truth.

There’s always been a controversy about whether to oil or not but if you ask me then Ayurvedic texts have mentioned the importance of Oil and massage. Application of oil to body,foot and external orifices like nose,ear,eye each have different effects. Our body is a machine that we literally use everyday, sometimes overused,sometimes underused or sometimes abused. Don’t you think we should take care of it so that it supports us well for the longest time?

The “shir abhyanga” or head massage is beneficial in improving our reflexes by directly stimulating the sense organs. It makes the hair indeed stronger, longer and thicker. “Karna puran” or oiling the ear is therapeutic in relieving neck and jaw stiffness, done after sunset. “Pad Abhyanga” or foot massage done with oil releases the build up tension in the body, enhances vision, lubricates and strengthens them.

A very fine example of watering the tree to keep it nurturing has been compared with oil for the body. It’s effects are noteworthy if continued in the long run. Sesame oil is preferred option as it is easily available and also has the properties to enhance health. Now you know why should always listen to your elders😉

TIP: Forget expensive pedicures, Massage feet with oil before you retire for the day starting from today and make it a daily practise.


‘Mommy n me day’

Had a supertime today! It is mother’s day & I was bound to make it special, so would you have, I m sure. We all want to make that day memorable, in a small way or big doesn’t matter,after all its the thought that counts. Our mothers take care of all our needs,they pamper us, spoil us yet manage to instill trust and the right amount of discipline.
Tea is a ritual in Indian households because its the start of a new day and with the family together its more of a bonding session, no matter how much it is incorrect to drink tea first thing in the morning, but more about that may be when the health freak awakens! So just making that cup of tea for her, or helping her with chores or making a meal will surprise her and give her the greatest joy.
In my case I had booked her to myself on this day in advance. I know sounds crazy but that’s my way of just being possessive about my time with my people. I am glad I have realised that no amount of gifts can make up for the precious moments in life and although little gifts add up, its those memories that stay with you forever. The best part is that nobody can take them away.

I spent my day with my family with those beings that love you unconditionally. Yes, I m talking about the Dog festival, “Keep that tail wagging”. Was delighted to see dogs participate in big numbers. Especially when they walked the ramp towards the end of the event, it was heart warming to see the bond between the family & pets. Adoptions were going on in full swing, there were grooming booths, play area and snacks for dogs. My dreams of adopting a dog have become more strong and I just can’t make up my mind on which one, but until then I m going to attend more of these events and play with all those pets my eye catches.
TIP: Adopt a pet if you can or experience the joy a pet gives you, if you haven’t yet, you don’t know what you are missing.


‘Keep Calm -n- Chill on ‘

Is it just me or the heat is for real?! The killing summer is all here and as we step into May, surrounded by mangoes and hacks to cool it off, it feels no less than a crisis. Stepping out of the house is alarming and before you know it, your energy is already zapped. The saddest part is that there’s no running away, so no matter how much of a task it seems yet it can’t come in the way of living it up.

In the meanwhile you might also notice a decline in the appetite and a rise in consumption of liquids. This is a normal phenomena and is in itself a defence mechanism to curb the loss of fluids. Ayurveda has described the regime to be followed in each season under Rutucharya and summer is called “Greeshma Rutu”.

In this season the consumption of various types of concoction, or summer drinks as we know it are mentioned. Homemade Aam panha, limbu paani, kokam sarbat, khus sarbat and coconut water are just to mention a few. Also drinking butter milk is a good option over yogurts as these are heaty in nature as mentioned in the texts. Preparations like “Morabba”, “Shrikhand” and “Raayta” shall be made a part of the meal.

Drinking sufficient water is important to remain hydrated but not out of the fridge because the body temperature rises on doing so, as the gut normalises its temperature. Instead water kept in earthen pots and dry khus added, are perfect for quenching the thirst.

Bathing with cold water and application of chandan is useful. Since the body gets more worked up during this season, hence taking a nap in the afternoon is mentioned only during this time of the year. So remain Cool and Calm, beat the heat the ayurvedic way.
TIP: Wear natural fabrics and instead of heavy workouts indulge in relaxing the body. Make the most by practising pranayam,especially “Sheetali” and “Shiitakari”. Activate chandra nadi that is the left nasal pathway and experience “internal AC”.