‘Who am I?’

Everytime I meet someone new pleasantries are exchanged followed by my introduction, which mostly consists of name,my vivid interests,my school, college  and most importantly my education. I believe a self introductory session should only consist of all this. I cringe Everytime someone asks me about “oh so what does your father do” or “so which caste do you belong to”, does that mean you are weighing my identity based on these facts or would this help you in drawing a conclusion if I behave in a certain way?or are you going to verify if my father’s profession would land you any free perks? In my opinion a first meeting is a building block of any relation and therefore get to know the person rather than just making it seem like an interrogation! 

I love to meet new people, and the whiff of a new friendship changes into an aroma of a strong bond. Every equation brings with it a trove of emotions which are unique, touching different streams of the same soul. Valuing the people who impact us in so many ways is an art. Since a relationship is a two way effort, where two individuals set the equilibrium rolling, it’s only obvious for both to contribute. Yet acceptance is a very difficult thing to do, for we look at things the way we expect them to be and this is the problem area. Once we accept ourselves, accepting the other individuals becomes easier, although over a period of time. 

My current introduction is something I had dreamed of for a very long time and to see it add up next to my name is the beautiful reality. In a years span of hardcore internship, I am going to reap the sweet fruit in my hand, my “bachelors of ayurvedic medicine and surgery “. The animated expressions I got during the course of my degree when I was asked of my studies were quite a variety. There are so many doubts and preconceived notions that I really wish I could solve them all. Yes we are entitled to practice Allopathic drugs, we are also formally trained to do the basic life saving procedures apart from the Ayurvedic medicine being our strong point. Chawanprash is just one of the ayurvedic preparations, Ayurveda is so vast that a lifetime might fall short to understand all the indepth texts. Its our ancient medicine and we should be proud of it, but Belief cannot be bought, so if you don’t have faith in a certain pathy its chances of treating you are bleak. Only a tryst with ayurveda can enchant you. 

TIP: Never suppress the natural urges of body like micturition, defecation, sneezing, thrist, hunger, belch, yawn,tears, vomiting,sleep for it leads to many diseases as mentioned in texts as “Adharneey Vega”.


Author: ame7soeur

Someone who believes in living life with a heartful of positivity and a tummy full of sweets! Everything around me inspires me and I believe each day is a learning experience.

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