‘Waiting to Sync’

“Change is constant”, nothing that is once alive, lives forever, nor the journey unravels to the prediction. “What goes up,comes down” and that is exactly how we deal with everyday situations. Being consistent is an art, and very few ace at this. In a world where very few things are under our control, trying to control it all, would call us ‘a freak’!

So Living in a way so that our routine, body and surroundings are in sync would solve most of our issues. Ever thought what happens in the season of fall? The trees shed thier leaves in autumn, to sustain the coming winters. What is Hibernation? Another preparatory mechanism in animals in cold countries where they saturate sufficient body fat and food,and then go in deep sleep. These are different ways the nature shows us survival cycles, the fight to rise through all odds.

Ayurveda believes in living in accordance with seasons. This is called “Rutucharya”. There is a division of these seasons in two groups, according to solar position,that is Northern solstice or ‘Uttarayan’ and Southern solstice or ‘Dakshinayan’. There are six seasons, beginning with ‘Hemant’ the early winter, ‘Shishir’ the late winter, ‘Vasant’ Spring, ‘Greeshma’ Summer, ‘Varsha’ Rainy,  and ‘Sharad’ Autumn.

The body’s strength or ‘Bal’ is directly related to the position of sun. So as the sun shifts to the north, there is a decrease in body strength,to the point where it is least,this period is called ‘Aadaan kaal’ and as it shift to the south,slowly and steadily the uptake of strength occurs to the point where it is most strong, called as ‘Visarga kaal’. Therefore, Shishir, Vasant and Greeshma are clubbed in Aadan kaal, and Varsha, Sharad and Hemant in Visarga kaal.

Each season has a set of rules, diet and regime to be followed, to get the most out of food and climate. It helps to keep up the body’s immunity and as Ayurveda’s basic principle is Retaining healthy wellbeing, these guidelines just do that. Hence, Prevention of diseases is the by default outcome.

TIP: We are currently witnessing Vasant or the spring season. Panchakarma procedures like ‘Nasya and Vaman’ can be done under guidance of an Ayurvedic practitioner to reap the benefits of the season and retain good health. Flora and fauna are in full bloom, so take out time to appreciate and bond with your surroundings. Go an a nature trail today!



Author: ame7soeur

Someone who believes in living life with a heartful of positivity and a tummy full of sweets! Everything around me inspires me and I believe each day is a learning experience.

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