‘Festive detox’

Happy Easter! I am guessing you all are having a good time after Holi celebration and the lucky few are enjoying the long weekend while I have been dreaming about one. After you start working you automatically become loyal to your job and enjoy every single off, which now seems like a birth right! I guess I will be keeping my dreams of camping over the weekend to myself as of now, but I would love to know what you guys have been doing. 

This week kickstarted with a lot of pomp and joy, I thoroughly enjoyed the pre and post festivities, not to mention the delicious food on holi! And with all this, my system went on a serious shutdown,after it couldn’t handle anymore of the overexcited taste buds. It gave up and I fell sick, restricting me to my bed. I decided that I wasn’t going to take any medicines and stick to my body’s defence mechanism. I fasted and was only on liquids like coconut water and buttermilk. Also drinking the water which is formed while making rice is a very good option is mentioned as ‘peya or pej’ . So being able to catch up on all that sleep while your body is fighting was a bonus! Now I m feeling much better as I write this, for I was really worried about not being able to write in this sleepy condition. 

Ayurveda boasts of “Langhan” that is not only fasting but ten types under that category. Langhan is done taking into consideration the “bal” or strength of the individual and his ailment’s prevalence. Only after an evaluation can the way of langhan be decided and implemented to get the best results. The season also plays an important role in body’s changes. By doing langhan the “aam nirmitti” or toxic products are deduced from the body by means of “pachan” or rekindling the fire and restoring digestion.

TIP: Experience the benefits of Langhan by adopting the ayurvedic way. Listen to your body and act accordingly. Let your body’s defence mechanism activate and supplement it by using natural food.


‘Splash or Trash’

Wishing all a very happy holi! The festival of colours is that day that fills our appetite with the best of sweets and faces with the scariest of avatars! Yes, indeed we Indians don’t forget to celebrate this although far away from our motherland and that is why it is catching up with others too. Is it the craze for the vibrant splash or the importance of the festivities, you definitely can’t get away from it.

I have the fondest memories of this celebration as a kid, where holi was a war among the neighbouring buildings, as to who could shoot for the ultimate aim,so as to paint the building anew and terraces were warzones. Armed with waterfilled ballons, we aimed relentlessly at each other. It makes me nostalgic as to how much I have grown up now and wisdom has shone. But I wish somethings never changed and the transition from childishness to a mature individual hasn’t been a cakewalk. It is always a plus but never feels like it when you get so engaged in living to score that it hurts to be focused. Maybe we should always keep the child alive, so that a crazy decision doesn’t seem insane. 

I am going to hold on tight to all my loved people and fill thier tummy with a sugar overload, let me know what you are planning to do??????
Leave your Comments below and also post pictures !!! Sending out lots of love n wishes! HAPPY HOLI !!! 
TIP: A humble request, Please don’t use too much water and harmful chemical laid colours. Let’s pledge to do our bit to save water and environment. I am going to celebrate with colour only in my food and clothes😉.


‘Explore the Treasure’

“Panchakarma!!!” You Must have often come across this sign board on various occasions, maybe in your own locality, maybe in context to Ayurveda, maybe heard with Kerala, maybe seen on the glossies or maybe while surfing the net. I am sure most of you have a very unclear picture of what it really is and how it works,and had I not been from this field I would have also been one of you. Amidst all this confusion the real essence is somewhere lost and to seek it’s miracles it is very important to be found in time. 

First of all, it’s got nothing to do with “Karma” really but the act in itself is the reason for it being called ‘Panchkarma’. Ayurveda, Panchakarma and Kerala go hand in hand,and especially with all those fancy resorts where some of these treatments are offered at the Spa, where you can pick and choose from an array of options is just another misleading situation. 

Let me enlighten you about this very form of treatment which has been practiced for a very long time. It aims at maintaining and creating a balance of the bodily ‘Doshas’ or constitution. The aggravated doshas are withdrawn by preparing the body for the Panchakarma and eliminated during the course of treatment. This is all planned by the Vaidya in accordance with each individual’s body type, season, age,underlying ailments and doshas . A set of rules are to be followed before,during and after the treatment to maximise the results and reap the benefits. 

The treatment which comes under ‘Panchakarma’ are Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Raktamokshan and Nasya. The elimination of the constituents causing imbalance is through the external orifices. This brings back the equilibrium of doshas,good health and enhances immunity. So next time you hear of this word don’t get startled, share what you just learnt and don’t rethink to experience this treatment. 

TIP: Experience the essence of Panchakarma under a vaidya. Get a ‘prakruti parikshan’ that is analysis of body type according to Ayurveda when you meet me in person. This will benefit you to know indepth of your daily choices.




‘Who am I?’

Everytime I meet someone new pleasantries are exchanged followed by my introduction, which mostly consists of name,my vivid interests,my school, college  and most importantly my education. I believe a self introductory session should only consist of all this. I cringe Everytime someone asks me about “oh so what does your father do” or “so which caste do you belong to”, does that mean you are weighing my identity based on these facts or would this help you in drawing a conclusion if I behave in a certain way?or are you going to verify if my father’s profession would land you any free perks? In my opinion a first meeting is a building block of any relation and therefore get to know the person rather than just making it seem like an interrogation! 

I love to meet new people, and the whiff of a new friendship changes into an aroma of a strong bond. Every equation brings with it a trove of emotions which are unique, touching different streams of the same soul. Valuing the people who impact us in so many ways is an art. Since a relationship is a two way effort, where two individuals set the equilibrium rolling, it’s only obvious for both to contribute. Yet acceptance is a very difficult thing to do, for we look at things the way we expect them to be and this is the problem area. Once we accept ourselves, accepting the other individuals becomes easier, although over a period of time. 

My current introduction is something I had dreamed of for a very long time and to see it add up next to my name is the beautiful reality. In a years span of hardcore internship, I am going to reap the sweet fruit in my hand, my “bachelors of ayurvedic medicine and surgery “. The animated expressions I got during the course of my degree when I was asked of my studies were quite a variety. There are so many doubts and preconceived notions that I really wish I could solve them all. Yes we are entitled to practice Allopathic drugs, we are also formally trained to do the basic life saving procedures apart from the Ayurvedic medicine being our strong point. Chawanprash is just one of the ayurvedic preparations, Ayurveda is so vast that a lifetime might fall short to understand all the indepth texts. Its our ancient medicine and we should be proud of it, but Belief cannot be bought, so if you don’t have faith in a certain pathy its chances of treating you are bleak. Only a tryst with ayurveda can enchant you. 

TIP: Never suppress the natural urges of body like micturition, defecation, sneezing, thrist, hunger, belch, yawn,tears, vomiting,sleep for it leads to many diseases as mentioned in texts as “Adharneey Vega”.

YOG SERIES – “Virbhadrasana”

Women in today’s world are multitasking and reaching great Heights. Yog is the medium to achieve good health. It’s very important to maintain good physical health as well as good mental health, but h ow can this balance be maintained? How can we achieve all those small n big things in life? The answer is very simple,Healthy food, positive outlook, Attitude is Gratitude and YOG. After all,
Y. You are great.
O Organise your life yourself.
G Great going.

“Virbhadrasana” or warrior’s pose is the right n most appropriate asana to start your Yog regime on Woman’s Day. It’s one of the easiest asana n can be done by all. It helps to strengthen the leg, thigh, abdominal and neck muscles. It removes stiffness from all joints n helps to reduce fat around arms n thighs.  Most importantly it improves your stamina. Experience this asan today and let me know!
Cheers to womanhood!!!
By Namrata Shere
Yog Trainer



‘Waiting to Sync’

“Change is constant”, nothing that is once alive, lives forever, nor the journey unravels to the prediction. “What goes up,comes down” and that is exactly how we deal with everyday situations. Being consistent is an art, and very few ace at this. In a world where very few things are under our control, trying to control it all, would call us ‘a freak’!

So Living in a way so that our routine, body and surroundings are in sync would solve most of our issues. Ever thought what happens in the season of fall? The trees shed thier leaves in autumn, to sustain the coming winters. What is Hibernation? Another preparatory mechanism in animals in cold countries where they saturate sufficient body fat and food,and then go in deep sleep. These are different ways the nature shows us survival cycles, the fight to rise through all odds.

Ayurveda believes in living in accordance with seasons. This is called “Rutucharya”. There is a division of these seasons in two groups, according to solar position,that is Northern solstice or ‘Uttarayan’ and Southern solstice or ‘Dakshinayan’. There are six seasons, beginning with ‘Hemant’ the early winter, ‘Shishir’ the late winter, ‘Vasant’ Spring, ‘Greeshma’ Summer, ‘Varsha’ Rainy,  and ‘Sharad’ Autumn.

The body’s strength or ‘Bal’ is directly related to the position of sun. So as the sun shifts to the north, there is a decrease in body strength,to the point where it is least,this period is called ‘Aadaan kaal’ and as it shift to the south,slowly and steadily the uptake of strength occurs to the point where it is most strong, called as ‘Visarga kaal’. Therefore, Shishir, Vasant and Greeshma are clubbed in Aadan kaal, and Varsha, Sharad and Hemant in Visarga kaal.

Each season has a set of rules, diet and regime to be followed, to get the most out of food and climate. It helps to keep up the body’s immunity and as Ayurveda’s basic principle is Retaining healthy wellbeing, these guidelines just do that. Hence, Prevention of diseases is the by default outcome.

TIP: We are currently witnessing Vasant or the spring season. Panchakarma procedures like ‘Nasya and Vaman’ can be done under guidance of an Ayurvedic practitioner to reap the benefits of the season and retain good health. Flora and fauna are in full bloom, so take out time to appreciate and bond with your surroundings. Go an a nature trail today!