‘Live it up’

We all love to have a certain kind of Lifestyle,the one that suits our sensibilities to the “T”. We like to be the master of our ship.Some of us call it routine, and it decides exactly what is to be done when and how. “Aayushyo veda, Ayurveda”, that text which tells us about Living and everything to live it well.

Sometimes I wonder how did the Acharyas manage to study in depth so much about Life while they were alive, but what will  surprise you the most is that all of this still holds true in totality after so many years and they gave away this treasure to a fulfilling life. They didn’t even put us through a treasure hunt, maybe that’s why we are taking things so lightly.

The Daily regimen is mentioned as “Dinacharya”.The phrase ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise’ although not written in ayurvedic text but makes perfect sense, that is waking up early at “Bramhe murta”,around 4 am to 6am. This practice not only prevents concerns like constipation but also the other diseases which are an outcome of it, as ‘constipation is the father of all diseases ‘.

Having an early start to the day instills a sense of achievement in itself. The atmosphere is clean and peaceful. The concentration levels are at peak and the most of this time frame can be made by utilising this time to bathe,then meditate,chant or study. Unknowingly you would realise you have extra time in hand and would lead to better time management.

“Abhyanga” or the oil massage plays a vital role in the proper functioning of joints and lubrication,it also takes away fatigue and improves sleep. So ideally it should be taken everyday but in our busy schedules,we should take out time atleast once a week for it. It makes a great deal of difference and can be done by self or under trained therapist.The rubbing of fine powder called as “Udvartan” is followed next, which works like a body scrub,improving the tone of body. “Snaan” or bathing is an important everyday ritual and it is a means of purification not just externally but also mentally. The water used should not be too hot or too cold, preferably lukewarm water,especially on the body above shoulders use only cold water and below it suitable hot water. Also never take a bath after having meals. If these rules are not followed it may disturb the normal functions of body.

These are just a few aspects of following the ayurvedic lifestyle. Ayurveda believes in living a healthy and balanced life,thus preventing the diseases and if at all they occur curing them for good. As ‘Prevention is better than cure’, the equilibrium of doshas and strengthening of immunity is the core principle of ayurveda.
TIP: Living a good life is important and the cost of this is just making a few minor changes in our lifestyle to welcome the boons of ayurveda. Starting from today, lets live it up to have the best of life ahead.



Author: ame7soeur

Someone who believes in living life with a heartful of positivity and a tummy full of sweets! Everything around me inspires me and I believe each day is a learning experience.

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