‘Dig deep’

What is it that we miss the most today? “Connect” In the world of technology and the fast paced life we have probably forgotten how to unwind.

Just so that I get a closer feel of this,I came up with a challenge onto myself to not use the Internet for 24hrs and experience life from a netfree prospective. The Guinea pig me, went strong for 18hrs but finally gave up. If living off the net was such a task, let alone technology. Yeah, thats how insanely dependant most of us are. The day begins and ends only after an eyeful of the cellphone, but its hard to not mention the feeling of being not answerable and off all social media where I am usually logged in giving updates of my every activity, I found the time to finally bond with myself and also observe my surroundings. It was my day out, at the farmers market, and as I went from one stall to another I ended up making a colourful conversation with these vibrant people who just filled me with a zest to do your own thing just like these individuals.

I have been pondering upon this for quite sometime, and soon it shall transform onto reality when there will be a certain amount of refrain from using the Internet, which would be called “Netox”. Time will tell if you need detox more or netox, but currently I see the fad for the former and that day isn’t far when the later will take up by the storm.

‘Dependance ‘ is a negative word generally, because it is usually associated with drugs,alcohol etc, even people depend upon each other and if the equilibrium is shaky, one might get hit by the shackles of expectations, yet it doesn’t stop us, because,” we see what we want to see,we demand what we expect “. Ever thought at looking at things from a view other than your very own? Lets give it a try!

There is always such a feeling of accomplishment and pride when you complete a certain task independently but ever tried sharing the same joy in a team? The latter will remain more remarkable, ‘now how is that possible,  It was an act of dependance, why did it give me so much pleasure?’that is because you were forced to “connect” not just with yourself but your colleagues to a level where you bought the best out of each other. If that connect could do such wonders for the team, can you imagine how much you could soar?

TIP: Take out time to unwind each day and make a diary or a mental note of the lesson learnt and the joyous moment of the day.



Author: ame7soeur

Someone who believes in living life with a heartful of positivity and a tummy full of sweets! Everything around me inspires me and I believe each day is a learning experience.

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